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  • ...the hernia sac is removed and the diaphragmatic hiatus is closed to its normal size with sutures and in some cases with an absorbable mesh (BARD Allomax Mesh).
Miscellaneous Implants and Devices More... AlloMax Surgical Graft Bard Plastic Surgery,

Meshes with anatomical design to conform to the shape of inguinal anatomy were manufactured. 3D Max TM mesh (Bard Davol, USA) is made up of polypropylene light weight monofilament with large pore size . It has anatomical design with sealed edges and a medial orientation marker to facilitate placement.

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    AlloMax FlexHD LifeCell Bard/Davol Ethicon 28--144--26 28-Porcine ADM-X ADM-X ADM ADM SIS SIS SIS lyophylized SIS Permacol Collamend Strattice XenMatrix Surgisis SIS Gold FortaGen Lyosis (?) Covidien Bard LifeCell Bard/Davol Cook Cook Organogenesis Cook 7---7 7--43 186 60-130 434--9 16--4---Bovine fetal dermis pericardium pericardium ...

    AlloMax ™ Surgical Graft is restricted to homologous use for the repair, replacement, reconstruction or augmentation of soft tissue by a qualified healthcare professional (i.e. physician). This includes supplemental support and reinforcement of soft tissue in hernia repair, chest wall defect procedures and grafting for horizontal and vertical ...

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    • AlloMax Surgical Graft (Bard Davol) is an acellular non-cross-linked human dermis allograft. (AlloMax was. previously marketed as NeoForm.) • DermaMatrix (Synthes) is an acellular dermal matrix (allograft) derived from donated human skin tissue. DermaMatrix Acellular Dermis is processed by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation® (MTF®).

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    Facility Description OutPatient DLP Haywood Regional Medical Center ANESTHESIA DEEP SEDATION ENDO 826.9 REPLACE DUODEN-JEJUNO TUBE PERQ W IMAG 3127.05

    Surgical Mesh OR/Surgery. AVAILABLE, but can't be sold online, CONTACT US Mesh, Composite, Physiomesh, Rect 30x35

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    Bard's line of natural-tissue products includes the XenMatrix and Allomax grafts used to repair ventral hernias and soft tissue reconstruction. The Company's hernia fixation devices include OptiFix, a bioresorbable-tack fixation device, and Capsure, a permanent fixation device for use in laparoscopic and open surgical procedures.

    Hernia mesh is used to repair both ventral hernias and inguinal hernias. Various injuries and complications can occur depending on what part of the body the mesh is placed. A coated hernia mesh is also more likely to cause injuries such as infection than a non-coated hernia mesh.

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    Hernia–Mesh–Filament–Tensilestrength–Porosity–Acellulardermi Accepted3-3-10. OnlinepublicationMay2010. CORRESPONDENCETO CN Brown,NorthamptonGeneralHospital,Cliftonville,NorthamptonNN15BD,UK E:[email protected] Which mesh for hernia repair? CN BROWN, JG FINCH NorthamptonGeneralHospital,Northampton,UK ABSTRACT

    CR Bard Inc. sold vaginal-mesh devices made of a plastic that its manufacturer warned wasn't Plaintiffs suing Bard contend the same mesh was used in some of Davol's vaginal-mesh products.

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    This mesh has subsequently undergone a name change to Bard™ Mesh. Several mesh manufacturers produce a PPM, and these are shown in T aBles 1–3 . In a survey of 29 hernia experts, PPM was the most widely used polymer for both inguinal hernia repair (67.6% used PPM) and incisional hernia repair (44.4% used PPM) [60] .

    Biologic mesh Source Manufacturer Cross-linking Sterilization Size ⁄ thickness Allogenic (Human) AlloDerm Human dermis LifeCell Corp. No Aseptic proprietary process, freeze-dried, no terminal gas sterilization Size: 16 · 20 cm Allomax Human dermis Davol No c irradiation Size: 13 · 15 cm DermaMatrix Human dermis Synthes No Aseptic ...

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    Altamura Friends are Creators which make products for Altamura, Omega for Altamura or mesh items fitted on Altamura mesh bodies and/or heads. ● FITTED MESH CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES Aakar...

    ...3DMax Light Mesh, AlloMax (human collagen), AlloMax (human collagen), Bard Soft Mesh (large In 2015, Bard agreed to settle 3,000 mesh cases for $200 million and 6,254 cases are now listed as...

Bard Mesh (Bard/Davol Inc.) Permanent Barrier, Non-Composite ULTRAPRO Hernia System (Ethicon Inc.) AlloMax Surgical Graft n/a n/a n/a 1.29 n/a (Deeken et al., 2012).
Bard hernia mesh may have caused serious injuries in patients who received the implant during a hernia repair procedure. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has estimated that up to 90% of the near-one million hernia repair surgeries may use surgical mesh to stabilize abdominal or groin tissue.
5.2.9 Soft Mesh (C. R. Bard) 5.2.10 Surgimesh 1 & 2 and XLIGHT (Aspide Medical) ... Allomax Surgical Graft Table 61: Product Profile - Biodesign Hernia Graft Table 62 ...
Bard hernia mesh may have caused serious injuries in patients who received the implant during a hernia repair procedure. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has estimated that up to 90% of the near-one million hernia repair surgeries may use surgical mesh to stabilize abdominal or groin tissue.